Mexican Human Rights Threatened by War on Drugs Funding


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Sun, 10/28/2007 - 5:00pm

The Bush Administration is asking for one and a half billion dollars to fight the War on Drugs in Mexico. The money will be going towards police training, surveillance sharing, and weapons appropriations.
 The plan is similar to one instituted in Colombia a few years ago. The Colombia Plan is viewed as a major failure by critics due to its funding of paramilitary forces and harsh side effects on the working poor. Plan Colombia called for the eradication of coca crops but in the last few years the amount of coca crops have increased inside Colombia’s borders.
The Friends of Brad Will, an organization created to bring light to human rights violations, was recently in Washington to protest the passage of the bill. They will return in November to urge congress to question the Bush Administration’s promotion of the Mexico plan.
KBOO’s Michael Ianello spoke with Harry Bubbins from the Friends of Brad Will.

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