The Soundbox Presents: Yeah Girl!

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Tue, 03/08/2016 - 8:30pm to 10:00pm
The Soundbox Presents: Yeah Girl!
With your host Deena B.  

This year we found some dope Portland ladies who hold it down around town on the regular- they'll play cuts, and 
Blossom will hit us with some melodies. You can stream this program on or tune on at 90.7fm

****** II TRILL - Holds down a monthly queer hip hop jam called Twerk - her forever wheelhouse: 

******* Daniela Karina - Known for her latin tropicana house sets, she is also part of a collective that presents a supportive workshop for women in the EDM scene called Women's Beat League

******* PRINCESS DIMEBAG pops up in the most unlikely of places with throwback hip hop and rnb

******* Blossom
We first heard of this beautiful soul last May at Ms. Reva DeVito’s party. She's been on her grind every since, and if you've missed her make sure to be around not to.

Thanks to Kate Welch for her help with sound for this show. 

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