Why Are Elected Prosecutors 95% White?


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Fri, 07/10/2015 - 9:00am to 10:00am
Why Are Elected Prosecutors 95% White?
This week the nonprofit Women Donors Network’s Reflective Democracy Campaign issued a groundbreaking report showing white Americans hold 95 percent of elected prosecutor positions.  The report is called Justice for All? and its findings were reported from coast to coast. 
Why are candidates for these elected positions so often running unopposed? And how can we change that landscape?
Host Lisa Loving speaks with Benton County Prosecutor John Haroldson, vice chair of the Oregon Commission for Hispanic Affairs, Oregon’s first Mexican-American District Attorney. She also speaks with Andrea Steele, founder ofEmerge America. 

Read the report, ‘Justice for All?’ at www.whoLeads.us.
For more information on John Harroldson’s work, go to http://www.oregon.gov/Hispanic/
Connect with Andrea Steel of Emerge America, at http://www.emergeamerica.org/. Get involved with Emerge Oregon at www.emergeor.org.
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