Author Veronica Faye, Gemini Jones: My Past Came Knocking-The Savannah Wooten Case


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Thu, 08/02/2012 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
In Veronica Faye's novel, Gemini Jones: My Past Came Knocking, Black attorney Gemini Jones juggles career and bipolar disorder

Author Veronica Faye discusses her latest book, Gemini Jones: My Past Came Knocking – The Savannah Wooten Case.   The novel’s lead character, Gemini Jones, is a successful African-American attorney who manages a high-profile career while keeping her bipolar disorder in check. Her newest case revolves around the murder of David Ban, a politician widely beloved in the city’s black community.

The client who brings the case to her is a woman she knows all too well: Savannah Wooten. Both women share a painful past together, however, each overcame traumatizing ordeals to become successful, accomplished women. Yet the murder of Ban, the politician, will force them to relive the past and deal with secrets they long considered lost to time.

In the personality of  lawyer Gemini, author Faye has crafted a character that will be an inspiration to anyone  managing bipolar disorder while holding down a professional career.


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