The Spirit of the Forest - Episode 17


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Wed, 09/02/2015 - 12:00am
A podcast featuring audio drama, dark comedy, & other unexpected vignettes from Corvallis & beyond.
This is episode 17 of The Spirit of the Forest, an audio drama / dark comedy produced by Oregon resident Dan Crall.  The program blends fiction and reality, and reflects upon the sadness, the absurdity, and normalcy of modern life.
On this episode, we visit a brewery where the brewmaster and trainee have strange, yet soulful interactions, before being interrupted, infamous Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio entertains us with a recent story of a bestiality case cracked wide open, a man named Melvin gives an annotated spoken obituary of his late girlfriend, and we hear some other sounds recorded on a pedicab in Albany, Oregon. 

The program continues with a weather report from the old time radio show "Eggs at Eight," which is followed by a cartoonish, slapstick portrayal of Pastor Rick Scarborough, the evangelical who promised to set himself on fire if the US Supreme Court passed a law allowing gay marriage in all 50 states. We reflect on what it sounded like in his office the day he had his big chance to prove his love of God (and hatred of gay rights), but retreated. As we continue, we hear an interview with Elaine Yearsley, who is a self-appointed people counter at an Albany, Oregon summer concert series. We also hear from a man at the concert who claims to be from the year 2045, among other strange claims. Also included on this edition is a reflection of modern life by Alan Watts, with musical accompaniment from Omid Pakbin. Hollywood entrepreneur Jay Plemons hawks his new Internet ap known as "Strike Three Pro," and we conclude with a surface understanding of resolve.

Featuring the voices of Dan Crall, Jay Plemons, Elaine Yearsley, Rick Dakotah, James Winther, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Melvin, Tepse Ghostrider Megatron Lockjaw Galvatron Child Thereof Nomm I, and Alan Watts. Featuring the music of Yen Pox, Monolake, Jeph Jerman, and the unknown Newport, Oregon street musician, and Omid Pakbin. Also features a short segment from the old time radio show "Eggs at Eight." This episode was recorded over the course of June and July 2015 around Corvallis, Newport, and Albany, Oregon.
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