ISIS PR Strategy


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Mon, 03/16/2015 - 12:00am
The sophisticated PR strategy of ISIS
What does ISIS hope to gain from their videos of their beheadings of innocent people? Bill Resnick talks with Amanda Rogers who writes on the middle east and studies media representations in the current struggles. Hey discuss the genius of ISIS media. One genre is meant for Muslims around the world, graphically showing the oppression and attacks they are experiencing, including heavy surveillance in the US and Europe and the incineration of families by US drone warfare, and promoting the ISIS Caliphate as their nation, just as Israel promotes itself to Jews around the world as their homeland where they will not be persecuted. The other genre uses atrocity, the beheading videos, to intensify Islamophobia in the West, for two reasons. First, to goad the US and its allies into a ground war. Second, to make the West increase their oppression of Muslims which ISIS hopes will recruit combatants and migrants.
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