Smart ALEC Oregon: KBOO Reporters Investigate ALEC Conference in Kansas City


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Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:00am
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KBOO Reporters Investigate ALEC Conference in Kansas City

The sixth piece examines the ALEC conferences themselves in terms of what gets accomplished.  Annual spring and winter conferences are events where legislators discuss potential model legislation with business leaders.  The annual summer conference is more of a public relations event that pretends to show ALEC’s openness while not divulging any of the specific model legislation or its origins.  This piece also gives reporters Yana Maximova and Mike Klepfer a chance to talk about their experiences at the Spring 2014 conference.

KBOO reporters Yana Maximova and Mike Klepfer visited Kansas City in May 2014 to report on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Spring Summit, where state legislators from around the country and representatives of corporate interests discuss strategies and model legislation behind closed doors. However, our reporters were turned away at the door despite having secured press passes. Despite setbacks, they examine what goes on at these national meetings, and speak to Oregon and Wisconsin legislators in attendance as well as Missouri activists opposing ALEC's presence.

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Some background, from 2012, from Old Mole Variety Hour host Frann Michel.

The official project page, with audio and transcripts, a database of Oregon ALEC bills, a map of ALEC affliated districts, ALEC model bills, Oregon legislation, and useful links,  is here:

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