Un|Herd #4: +CNCTD/Yellow Crystal Star

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Mon, 04/27/2009 - 12:00am
Yellow Crystal Star and +CNCTD mash up in the Un|Herd Archive


April, 27th 2009 my guests were +cnctd (Plus Connected) and Yellow Crystal Star: two vastly divergent musical talents, yet when you listen closely they're similar; both use a lot of effected electric guitar, noise, and dynamic range. On a personal level, both have an inward lifestyle with a tendency toward the psychedelic. The point is with a show like this is that we're all connected, audiences are not the defining factor.
+CNCTD is currently at work at transcribing his sound to piano. And of curiosity, see his 30 piece myspace installation. Yellow Crystal Star moved away from Portland and for all I know has launched to Mars, but you should look for him in a town near you.

This program was Produced by Sean Ongley, with engineering assistance from Devin.


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