Un|Herd #7: Sustentacula, Jean-Paul Jenkins, Golden Retriever


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Sat, 12/19/2009 - 12:00am
Golden Retriever, Sustentacula, and Jean-Paul Jenkins in the Un|Herd Archive

Welcome to Un|Herd Archive episode #7.

I will be combining two programs and three performances: Sustentacula, Jean-Paul Jenkins, and False Entries. Sustentacula is David Rafn – designer, improviser, singer-songwriter -- performing acoustic guitar and prepared noisy things, from his new album on Rasbliutto Recordings. Jean-Paul Jenkins is he-who-plays-in-the-world, as an improviser or abstract composer, also on Rasbliutto Recordings, this time playing with guttural, fuzzed out bluesy electric guitar. The laterally mentioned performances were broadcast live, March 23rd 2009.

For the 3rd part of this show, we have Golden Retriever, which was a debut performance between Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sieloff, and was recorded March 2nd, 2009. Carlson and Sieloff are each academically learned musicians who took to the Portland scene of improvisers and avante-garde composers. Golden Retriever demonstrates modal improvisation using electrified bass clarinet (Sieloff) and synthesizer keyboards (Carlson).

This program was produced and engineered by Sean Ongley.


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