Against Mask Bans, For Masks

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North Carolina legislators have passed a comprehensive mask ban and politicians elsewhere are pushing to criminalize masking in public space as part of ongoing suppression of political dissent and extension of police power.  Frann Michel discusses this attack on our rights, our bodily autonomy, our privacy, and our health, drawing on material from sources including the Death Panel Podcast  and the People's CDC, who remind us that "We all have a responsibility to fight this attack on our rights, our bodily autonomy, our privacy and our health. If you stopped masking, now is a good time to reengage with this practice in public spaces, and particularly in political gatherings.  If you are organizing an event, please require and distribute high quality masks as visible expression of solidarity."

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Image: A pink triangle against a black backdrop with the words in white: 'Silence=Death' by Gran Fury for ACT-UP, 1987.  Public domain, via  Wikimedia Commons. Combined by F. Michel with image of a teal-colored N95 respirator mask,  Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC via PNGALL Clipart.   





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