The Gap: Bridge Down! Right to Repair! Pickleball Pickle! Plus, Mistakes and Forgiveness <3


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Fri, 03/29/2024 - 8:00am to 9:00am


On this episode of The Gap, Tammy and Althea discuss the fall of Key Bridge in Baltimore (tragic but ultimately a testament to the systems working pretty well! Conspiracy theorists need to chill!). Governor Tina Kotek signs the Right to Repair bill (very cool Tina! Apple can suck it! Average savings of $300/yr!). America's most food-themed past-time Pickleball inspires real distress and a lawsuit for its terrible sound (the article is worth a read). 

Then, a question that got deep fast -- would you rather make a mistake or be the one to forgive a mistake? Thank you to everyone who called! 

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