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Wed, 06/28/2023 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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Kari Chisholm
Moses Ross
Sherry Morisch
Our discussion with Kari Chisholm and Cathy Spofford

The Changing City of Roses

In this episode, Moses Ross talks with two leaders in the Portland area. He takes a moment to disucss Portland's new form of governance with PDX Indepenent Commission Member, Kari Chisholm. Moses then switches gears in a dramatic move to talk about Cathy Spofford's fight agains Zenith Corporation as they are issued land permits by the city. Learn about both of these issues by listening to the PDX Progressive Talk Radio June edition and check out thesee links for further details.

New City Governance

How will the city change and what can we expect?

Kari Chisholm is a member of the PDX Independent Commmission, dedicated to building a better Portland. He's one of the members working to help create changes to the Portland City Charter that include rank choice voting, new city council governance, and establishing a city council that focuses on setting policy and engaging with the community. We'll also hire a city administrator. Kari will give us some insight on the processes for establishing geographic differences in the new council governance. 

Zenith Corporation and New Land Use Permits 

What is the impact?

Cathy Spofford tells us about the failure of the Portland City Council to maintain their denial of land use permits to Zenith Corporation. The conflict arrounse after information was released about potential for catastrophic failures to storage if the Pacific NW were a victim of earthquakes or other natural desaster. You can learn more in this article:

 "Climate Activists To Protest Zenith Oil Along the Willamatte River" (Griggs, 2023)

Thank you to both of our guests for helping us learn more about issues that our community is dealing with and potential solutions that impact all of us. Thank you to the KBOO audience for allowing us to bring this information, insight, and discussion to you. Keep listening to KBOO 90.7FM and KBOO Online

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