Old Mole Variety Hour May 16th 2022


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Mon, 05/16/2022 - 9:00am to 10:00am
News, views and interviews from a Socialist, Feminist and Anti Racist perspective


Sharon Grant hosts this episode of the Old Mole

  • Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine. Can the U.S. retain domination of the world economy, its trade structures, its financial system, its money flows, its politics, and what sustains all of it, military domination too. Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine created what Russia fears most, a NATO military expansion including most former Soviet Union countries equipped with U.S. missiles destination Russia. And this has enabled the U.S. to continue to concentrate its forces in Asia, especially to force China to abandon its effort to build a power block in the global South that would frustrate U.S. corporate and banking elites. Bill Resnick talks to John Feffer, the editor of Foreign Policy in Focus and an experienced and prolific writer. They discuss this emerging world of economic and military conflict that could have disastrous outcomes, or maybe a good one if the U.S. and China rise to the occasion and come to collaborate to stop global warming.
  • Global Student Climate Strikes. In this fourth year of global Student Climate Strikes, Portland youth have organized a local day of action on Friday May 20th. Jan Haaken talks with oganizers Rozzell Medina, Ella Rae Woodland, Adah Crandall about the event, including the Climate Festival following the march. They take up the importance of intergenerational solidarity in this struggle as well as mobilizing to confront local "Climate Villains." 
  • Organizing collective power for public good part 2. Joe Clement continues their conversation with Emily Drabinski,President-elect of the American Library Association, discussing how libraries can be part of organizing collective power for public good.
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