"That Vegan Show" Interview with Shannon Falconer, Ph.D., CEO and Cofounder of Because, Animals

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Fri, 04/22/2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Learn about Because, Animals, a small company with a big mission: To make the most sustainable and nutritious food for dogs and cats on the planet — without ever harming any animals or the environment.

Shannon Falconer, CEO and Cofounder of Because, Animals, joins "That Vegan Show" to tell us about her company's vital endeaver to create cruelty free and species appropriate food for cats and dogs. The founders of Because, Animals wanted to find a solution to the many concerns related to the production and consumption of standard food for animals. And so, while Shannon, CEO, was working as a microbiologist at Stanford University and Josh, COO, was finishing his MBA from Indiana University, they came up with a solution to a problem they both thought a lot about: How do we feed our pets without harming other animals or the environment? The answer: Because, Animals and cultured meat. Because, Animals will help bring an end to the raising of farm animals for slaughter by using cultured meat. With fewer factory farms, we will lessen the devastating impacts of them – to our rainforests, oceans and climate. And, importantly, you'll also be aiding in the creation of safer and more nutritious food for our pets.

Website: Because Animals


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