Is the movement to form 'Greater Idaho' gaining traction?


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Thu, 03/17/2022 - 10:00am to 11:00am

In this episode of AMERICAN STANDOFF, we'll discuss the breakaway movement in eastern Oregon and northern California counties –– where conservative residents wish to leave these blue states and join Idaho. But they don't plan to move anywhere physically — it's Oregon's borders they want to move to (the movement's slogan, not a suggested name).

Move Oregon's Borders aims to adjust the state borders to form a "Greater Idaho." In total, 22 eastern Oregon counties, and several northern California counties, wish to become a part of Idaho. The movement's leaders say that Idaho, with a Republican majority, will be a better fit for conservative residents in eastern Oregon and Northern California.

In Oregon, the majority of residents in two counties voted in favor of border change. In Jefferson County, 51.02% of voters — 5,655 residents — voted in support of the measure. And in Union County, 52.42% of voters — 7,401 residents — supported it. 

Does this mean Ammon Bundy and the fringe militia groups that conducted an armed standoff at Malheur in 2016 are gaining traction? Bundy has suspended his run for governor of Idaho and was recently arrested for trespassing at a hospital and found guilty on two of three charges including obstructing law enforcement officers.

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