The Melting Pot on 04/13/21

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Tue, 04/13/2021 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
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Tune in Tonight to The Melting Pot Radio Show guest mix from DRUMSPYDER.
The Melting Pot Radio Show 4/13/2021 Featured Artist DRUMSPYDER
Track List
Beli - Rialians on Earth
In the Harem - Billy Esteban
Dove - Cymande
 Yucca Sauvage - Roze
Whilrigig - Zakir
Stone FLower feat. Ahmad Zahir - Namito, Satori
Temple of Time - mark Alow
New Mountain Calling - Space Motion - Tebra Remix
Ancient Past  (Sol Selectas) - Guy Maayan
Naavi - Kora
Tigris - Mark Alow
Anima Mundi - Spice Traders, Liquid Bloom - Drumspyder Remix
Andalusia - Nikko Sunset
For over a decade, Scott Sterling has been weaving rhythm, melody, and line as Drumspyder, exploring the Heathen and Celtic old ways in vital contemporary expressions.
He brings a deep love of rhythm to his distinctive style of percussion-driven dance music.  An expert percussionist specializing in tamborines and framedrums, he weaves together intricate hand percussion and bass-heavy production into finely sculpted grooves, equally inspirational to the dancefloor and the on-stage performer. Drawing inspiration from the Folk, Medieval, and Renaissance music of the British Islands and Europe, his music is a unique alchemy of musical  traditions, energetic tribal rhythms, and pagan atmosphere.
As a  visual artist, he is developing an intricate and elegant style of painting, ink drawing and vector design. He is inspired by Celtic Insular, Viking and Medieval Gothic styles, and brings them into the present age to illuminate themes of the Heathen and Celtic spiritual traditions.

  1. Starlit Stream
  2. Captain Campbell
  3. Battle of the Boyne 
  4. Johnny Cope
  5. Enda Seery - Bag of Spuds (Drumspyder Remix)
  6. Our Ain Bonny Laddie
  7. Boreal Hymn - Banner of Grief (Drumspyder Remix)
  8. Nonesuch 
  9. Kesh 
  10. Enda Seery - Bucks of Westmeath (Drumspyder Remix)
  11. Anglia
  12. Ryan Herr & Jesse Hendricks - Within (Drumspyder Remix)
  13. Trisha Spire - Ember Dawning (Drumspyder Remix
All tracks by Drumspyder unless otherwise noted

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