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Okay, so this is a blog... This is the Ubu Hour weblog. I've never
done a blog before and I really don't know what I'm doing here or why I'm doing this.  Maybe to try and generate some kind of discussion on radio theater, and to announce what will be coming up on the Ubu Hour, and who knows what else.
Anyway, the next Ubu Hour happens Monday 9/3/07 at 11 pm on KBOO 90.7 fm, bringing  you more fine radio theater.
First up on the show will be Grace Hague's THE FIVE GUYS AT CITY HALL, which depicts the current Mayor and City Council and their efforts  to remove the riff raff (minorities, old people, homeless) to make Portland more appealing to the Young Creatives. They plot to ship the old people out to Gresham... This peice offers some biting local  political satire and great characterizations of Mayor Tom, along with Eric, Sam, Randy, and Dan of the City Commish.
Next up, it's THE DARKNESS, written by me, a Twilight Zone-esge piece which begins with a man waking up to complete darkness. The whole neighborhood has gone completely dark, but someone can see a flicker of light somewhere and everyone stumbles around in the dark trying to get to the light. 
 We've also got another episode of the UBU Hour's long-running
political satire, THE KAPITALIST MANIFESTO, this one involving Ksnarl Rove's resignation from the Tush regime to spend more time with his family. I think the title is THE LOBOTOMY OF DUBYA TUSH. All your favorites, Prick Cheney, Kinda-sleazy Rice, and of course the idiot Commander, Dubya Tush make an appearance. Okay, to be perfectly honest, this hastily slapped together peice is not one of the better episodes of THE KAPITALIST MANIFESTO.  (Though it's marginally better than the aborted KAPITALIST MANIFESTO IN PARAGUAY, which was such a mess we decided not to air it.) 
 What else? One of these days, some old Ubu hour shows may be
posted to KBOO's website for those people who missed them... you will want to keep tuned to this blog and this website for updates.

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I can't believe you've never blogged before - you're all over the web-o-sphere!
Been digging the UB. Keep it up!

Rolf Semprebon's picture

I guess I am because of all the music reviews I've written...

Damn! I downloaded the newest ones but I want more! Where can I get all the older ones? I have moved East so I can't stay up to 1am to listen :(