KBOO's December 3-10 Cuba Trip: Charles Bittner Extended Interview

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 3:16pm
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KBOO's Cuba Trip December 3-10

KBOO has organized a Cuba trip for listeners and supporters this December 3-10, with proceeds benefiting KBOO. On the last edition of News from the BOO, we talked with Charles Bittner, trip organizer and guide. Charles has taught sociology at St. John’s University in NYC and at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where his work focused on Cuban culture. Throughout the week of the trip, you'll be accompanied by this highly-educated, bilingual, and experienced Cuban tour guide.

Listen to this extended interview for more about Charles, Cuba, details about the trip, and why you should join us this December! 

More information on how to sign-up can be found at https://www.kboo.fm/Cuba


Listen to our extended interview with Charles Bittner, organizer and tour guide of KBOO's upcoming Cuba Trip December 3-10, 2022, with proceeds benefiting KBOO. More details and registration for the trip can be found at https://www.kboo.fm/Cuba