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KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

Published date: 
Monday, September 14, 2020 - 6:52pm


Hello Programmers!

We have received many requests for a more descriptive list of all the ways a Program Host can earn their 2 hours of Volunteer Time a month outside their program.

I would like to first note what duties are required of all programmers and does NOT count towards these hours:

  • Creating an Episode page on the website for each upcoming show
  • Creating a Spinitron playlist for each episode (If Applicable)
  • Maintaining an up to date Evergreen Show Promo
  • Attending the All Programmer Meetings
  • Taking a Class

Aside from these programmer responsibilities, All other Volunteering duties count towards your 2 hours.

Generally, its expected that the 2 hours of volunteer time are earned outside of planning and editing your show. The only exception to this is promoting your show on social media or with your network. This is because you are spreading awareness about the station. If you enjoy making social media posts for your show, consider posting for others to earn more volunteer time! 

Below is a List of all the current Volunteer Opportunities by Department

Programming Department - contact Azia at program@kboo.org to get started!

  • Creating Extra Music Content (Subbing Remotely)
    • Help us fill the holes in the schedule with a Music Show. It can be just music or include back announcing. We prefer Evergreen (meaning no current events or time stamps) but we are still happy to air one-off pieces as well. Please make sure to fill out a spinitron once it is scheduled. Specifications can be found here.
  • Helping Others Produce their program
    • If you have been putting in extra hours, helping a fellow volunteer put together their show, this counts as volunteer time.
  • Teaching a Class
    • We need volunteers to teach Intro to Audio on Audacity. If you know your way around the software and have some free time please reach out! We will work with your schedule and classes are only taught once a month!
  • KBOO Show and Tell Sessions
    • If you don't feel confident teaching a curriculum, but have found some effective methods, tips, or tricks for putting your show together, please share your knowledge with the community! Email Azia at program@kboo.org to organize a session.
  • Vetting Audio
    • Help us pre-screen each program for indecencies before they air. Its an easy way to get your volunteer hours and you get to hear what your fellow programmers are up to! If your interested in vetting, email Nate at volunteer@kboo.org
  • Recording Promos
    • The program Director will send you a short PSA script for you to voice and record. If you’d like to go above and beyond you can add in the instrumental music bedding to complete the promo. Reach out if you are interested in being notified when scripts are available. A quick tutorial video on how to bed a promo will be coming soon.
  • Recording a Testimonial
    • Each Membership Drive requires fresh prerecorded pitches and testimonials. All you need to do is record a 1 minute script following this prompt, explaining why you support KBOO!
  • Editing Audio
    • Public Affairs may need pitching cut out of syndicated pieces
    • We have archival audio that could be cleaned up and used for air!
    • The Social Media Department also needs help editing and uploading audio
  • Peer Evaluations
    • Coming soon, The Program Advisory Committee will be recruiting volunteers for the Program Evaluation's Workgroup. Do you have an ear for smooth segues and compelling radio? Help us give constructive feedback to improve KBOO's overall sound!
    • We could also use assistance with data entry for the Off-Air Performance Evaluations. All you need to do is check a few spreadsheets and answer yes or no on a google form.

Social Media/Website - contact Nate at volunteer@kboo.org

  • Make Blog posts on the KBOO Website (your analysis of current events, reviews of music, or whatever!!)
  • Promote your show on Social Media
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc - look here for tips: kboo.fm/promotekboo
    • Send Promotions to your email Network
    • Outreach: Look for online groups and organizations that would be interested in certain programs. Post to their groups and add to your program's email list
  • Edit and upload audio to the KBOO website
  • Promotional videos for Youtube and Instagram 

Facilities/Building Maintenance - This is always changing but you can email Nate at volunteer@kboo.org to see what's New!

  • Digital Music Library
    • Coming soon, We will need help digitizing the CD
    • Vetting Digital Music Submissions. Email Azia at program@kboo.org if you’re interested!

Membership - Contact Mike at data@kboo.org for more information

  • Data Entry
    • Update information in membership database
    • Record contributions from members

Attend a Committee Meeting


If you need Further Assistance deciding where you can help, contact Nate at volunteer@kboo.org