Extra Music Content (Subbing with a Pre-recorded Show)

Published date: 
Monday, September 14, 2020 - 6:59pm

Thank you for Producing Extra Content for the Programming Department!


Here are the Specifications for submitting a show:


  • File Types: WAV, MP3, M4A, or FLAC
  • Break the file into 1 hour chunks
  • Include Legal IDs at the top of Each hour (or at least within 5 mins of). Just like when you are live in-studio “Kay Bee Oh Oh Portland”
  • The last 5 mins of each hour should be music only (The endings could get clipped if there are any PSAs at the top of the hour, so it best to wrap up back annoucing, if any, before then)

You're Extra content can either be an Evergreen Music Set or even a Special!

(Evergreen means the file has no references to dates or events that will become outdated overtime.

Label it as a special if has timely references)


  • Naming Convention: 

EVERGREEN/SPECIAL, Date, Genre/Theme, Explict/Clean, Your Name

Ex/ Evergreen 6_12_2020 Blues (clean) - Jenna Yokoyama


  • Submit your file to this Google form - Please Note that you need to select which folder to drop your file into (One is for Clean audio, the other is for Explicit) and you can enter the date of submission in the “Air Date” Field.
  • Below is a list of Genres and Show Durations I will likely need subbed. Although we appreicate any and all genres!!! The ones labelled Explicit mean it will be aired during the Safe Harbor (between 10pm and 6am when Indecent Language is allowed in certain contexts.)
  • When an open slot becomes available, the Program Director will let you know that your show has been scheduled so you can fill out the spinitron.



Soul, Blues, or Reggae (clean)

1 or 2 hrs

Eclectic/ Any (Explicit)

1, 2, 2.5, or 3 hrs

Eclectic / Any (Clean)

1 or 2 hrs

Radio Theater (Explicit)

1 hr

Hip Hop (clean)

1 or 2 hrs

Hip Hop (Explicit)

1 or 2 hrs


If you have any questions email program@kboo.org