Station News for October 2014

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KBOO Management Blog October 2014
September has been a busy month. 

We have a lot going on at KBOO.  For one, our fiscal year ends September 30th and a new year starts October 1st so the staff are finishing up our goals and objectives and budget for the year, which the board of directors passed on Monday.

Some really good news.  We’ve raised about $50,000 more than last fiscal year and it’s still looking like we will break-even financially for this current year we are in.  That means that our revenue and our expenses will be very nearly the same for the first time in 3 years.  As one astute caller pointed out recently, there are many ways that you can reach this goal.  While we do still have a lot of room to go to restore the positions that we have lost over the past few years, we will break-even this year after restoring two of the positions that had become part-time during cuts back to full-time.  

2015 looks good too! One exciting thing, there is money to support a new website and app and also the goal of hiring a Development Coordinator, to help restore some of revenues to support the station.

Once the goals and objectives are complete, we will put these on the website and report on them monthly.  

We have goals in 8 areas, that are all interdependent areas: Membership, development, messaging, tech, volunteer program, programming, and finance as well as Mic and I (Monica) have Station Co-Manager goals.  Some exciting things to look forward to are connecting with Mic through pictures, music and reflections from various countries in Africa as he goes on the African Hip Hop Caravan in November. 

We will also formalize an internship program to provide more support to some key volunteer positions as wa capital budget for facility and equipment maintenanceell as more support to the station.  We’re also developing  and replacement. Some mundane, some exciting stuff - all very essential. We’ve been working all together on these, with the board, for the last 3-4 months.

Monica Beemer & Mic Crenshaw, Station Co-Managers
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