NEW in KBOO music library October 7, 2013

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New in KBOO music library October 7, 2013
Bone Cave Ballet Bone Cave Ballet Self Released Alt Rock
Chambermaids, The Whatever Happened Tomorrow Guilt Ridden Pop / OBW Alt Rock
Cub Sport Paradise Self Released Alt Rock
Dead Links, The High As It Goes Self Released Alt Rock
Delta Riggs, The Hex.Lover.Killer Rah Rah Radio Alt Rock
Franz Ferdinand Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action Domino Alt Rock
Gaspadarek, Tristen Caves Smash Marie Alt Rock
Guillermo Sexo Guillermo Sexo Midriff Alt Rock
Kasher, Tim Adult Film Saddle Creek Alt Rock
Land of Kush The Big Mango Constellation Alt Rock
Morcheeba Head Up High PIAS Alt Rock
Leverage Models Leverage Models Self Released Alt Rock
Sexbots, The Junk Sick Self Released Alt Rock
Terry Malts Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere Slumberland Alt Rock
Br'er Rabbit Br'er Rabbit EP Self Released Regular Rock
Brothers Lazaroff Hope, Fear, Youth Self Released Regular Rock
Gov't Mule Shout! Blue Note Regular Rock
Kelly, Jadea Clover Linus Regular Rock
Morrison, Van Selections From Moondance Deluxe Edition Warner Regular Rock
Neill, Casey And The Norway Rats All You Pretty Vandals Incident Regular Rock
Bombay Dub Orchestra Tales From The Grand Bazaar Six Degrees Electronica
Seams Quarters Full Time Hobby Electronica
James, Chris & Rynn, Patrick Barrelhouse Stomp Earwig Blues
Naughty Boy Hotel Cabana Virgin Soul