Eugene and Sushli will return on "Tillicum Wawa" next show Thurday!!!


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Eugene and Sushli will return to "Tillicum Wawa" next Thursday show

Eugene and Sushli, co-hosts of "Tillicum Wawa" will return next Thursday show!!! They were sorely missed on the last show dedicated to the appreciation of the overwhelming response by our listeners, to our coat and warm cloths drive for the kids on the Pine ridge Reservation in So Dakota!! We will continue to keep you all informed as to when and how the cloths are getting shipped ,by God's grace, to the children.!!!!

It was so great of our many listeners to really care about the plight if the children on the US Governments' rez lands.

I kow that when all the people really see what is happening on the rez's of this country, they will come together , once again, to see that the proticol for the rez's will change for the better! OHO

Eugene and Sushli were not there because of reasons beyond their control and wish to thank everyone for our very successful cloths drive and they will when they return on the next "Tillicum Wawa"  Thursday evening show!!!.

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