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KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

There's a lot happening at your community radio station

Volunteers work round the clock to bring KBOO to life.  There are about 500 volunteers who add their energy to this great community radio station.  About half of our volunteers contribute to on-air programming, while the rest concentrate their time on the behind the scenes activities that are essential to our existence. 

KBOO's volunteers come from many different communities, each adding their skills and passion to the entire station- making us what we are today!  

To find out more about what volunteers do, check out the volunteer page on our website: .

We will hold our Fall Membership Drive October 4th - 20th.  The drive is a great time to begin volunteering, or to start volunteering again.  During the drive, we'll need volunteers to help answer phones and talk with listeners when they call to become members.  We'll also need volunteers to help with data entry and clerical support.  

Do you love a show on KBOO (or perhaps KBOO as a whole) so much that you want to tell other listeners to support the station?  If so, please consider spending some time during this upcoming drive talking on-air with the program's host about the importance of KBOO to the communities we serve.  If this sounds interesting, please contact me for more information.  There is a required training for this role; trainings will be scheduled 9/13 - 10/1. 

We will also need help in preparing things to make this the best drive ever.  There is much to be done, like soliciting donations from restaurants, or hanging flyers to help promote what we do.  I'm happy to help you find something that you'll enjoy doing, just contact me.

We hold monthly orientations for new volunteers to find out more about KBOO, and the volunteer process. Volunteer orientation is required to become an active volunteer at KBOO, but we invite you to check out volunteering for the membership drive, whether you have attended the orientation, or not.

Please let me know how I can help you get more involved with KBOO.  I'm happy to help answer any questions you have.  You can call me at 503-231-8032 ext 213, or my email address is volunteer at kboo dot org.

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