The Earthican Domains

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Fri, 02/25/2022 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black - Squirrels Know

Join Ender Black on a memory lane discovery journey! On this episode, Ender will delight you with portions from the various fascinating conversations he has had on Squirrels Know during the years 2020 and 2021. The concepts of transcendent thinking and trascendent feeling are at the forefront, serving as the backbone of this galactic radio show.

Animal awareness, galactic awareness, higher frequency of consciousness, the current process of dimensional shift within the Earth domains, the full embrace of a deeper, higher reality, as well as the actualization of the infinite organic superinfrastructure, commonly known as "spirit", are some of the subjects and ideas explored in these conversations.

This is a bit of a time capsule and summary of what this radio show is all about, what it stands for, and its true value during the current, ongoing Protocols of Galactic Interaction: a magnificent present and future for planet Earth, where the animal beings can be free and happy, respected and acknowledged as fellow beings, carriers of the infinite spirit, guides and teachers of humankind, and most importantly, totempoles of planetary existence. A true marvel of a planet, where the human aspect can bloom and flower beyond all expectations.

Earth is destined to let go of the foreign, invasive influence that has negatively affected human expression for a very very long time. No longer a colony of an oppressive, predatorial nation, Earth is bound to become a beacon of light for the entire galaxy.

Remember: with the aid, support and protection of our galactic allies, we will reach our highest heights. We shall upgrade our outdated global financial system, neutralize our de facto corporatocracy and remove old global elites. Anything or anyone unable to express itself at a higher frequency of consciousness, won't be compatible with the magnanimous love we will feel and perceive.

Love and Eternal Life for us all.

Grab the paw of your best friend, experience their animal wisdom, and you will open yourself to the grandest, most magnificent cosmic experiences.

For the welfare of all living beings, and for the sake of finishing this "game of emotional dichotomy (light and dark)", we stay focused on the prize. The world is literally ours now.

Let's surrender to the magnificence of God, the Great Spirit, Universal Source, Mother Earth: Our Supra Quantum Origin.