International Women's Day Celebration on KBOO

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 Join us for International Women's Day!Special programming begins 7am March 7  This year, KBOO celebrates International Women's Day with 44 hours of special programming produced by women; beginning at 7 AM, Friday, March 7th, with the KBOO Morning News, concluding with a very special Nekropolis, hosted by Rabia Yeaman.Here is a tentative schedule (subject to change): Friday, March 7 7:00 AM - - KBOO Morning News 7:30 AM - Positively Revolting host Melodie Silverwolf hosts a discussion of reproductive rights. 9:00 AM - APA Compass looks at APA organizing and work in response to violence against women, including violence against queer APA’s, military violence and local work against domestic violence. 10:00 AM - Focus on Mental Health - Lynn Dorman, PhD, looks at views of women over time in the field of mental health. 11:00 AM - Democracy Now! Noon -A special edition of Movin' On, with hosts Laurie Sonnenfield and Zelda. 1:30 PM - A special edition of Buscando America - interviews, music, and commentary about the rights of women in Spanish, with your hosts Carmen Martin Stiles and Ivonne Rivero. Especial DIA INTERNACIONAL DE LAS MUJERES. Entrevistas, musica y comentarios presentando la situacion de los derechos de las mujeres en los paises de habla hispana. Presentadoras: Carmen Martin Stiles 3:00 PM - Refresh yourself with some music - women's rock and punk, hosted by Heather, Erin and others. 4:00 PM - The Females of the KBOO Youth Collective will present a retrospective of work including Commentaries about immigration and racism, Interviews with Community Leaders, thoughts from the youth about art, catnip, school, and more. 5:00 PM - KBOO Evening News 5:30 PM - Special historical offering from the KBOO Archive. 6:00 PM -Celebrate International Women's Day with Bread and Roses as we share interviews with international feminist activists such as Persepolis author Marjane Satrapi, a Pakistani elections activist and more! Host: Carole Scholl and the Bread and Roses Collective. 7:00 PM - Developing Real Wealth - Caring & Sharing Economics is a new project to fill a local need - to connect people creating social change of great importance to the community. Hosted by Barbara Gerke, this special includes discussion with local activists promoting the economies of household, community & the natural environment as being equal in importance to the market economy, and excerpts from an interview with Riane Eisler by Ani Haines. This project began with the Oct, 2007 lecture by Riane Eisler. 8:00 PM - An evening of live music! Performances by Kate Power & Steve Einhorn; Emily Post; Sugar Short Wave; Miss Lana Rebel & The Broken Promises; Baptist Arms; and Gone Against Blue. Zelda hosts. 11 PM - 6 AM - Stay tuned for details as a veritable cauldron of offerings are brewed to perfection. This time will feature a mix of performance art, theatre, archive reels, punk rock and experimental music unfolds.  Saturday, March 8 6:00 AM - The Jewell in the Lotus. Zelda & Ani host a discussion of women's spirituality with guests Terri Treat and D'Ann Davis.There will be guided meditation, blessings and more. 7:00 AM - Astrology in the Morning - Zelda interviews astrologists Andy Gehrz and Gretchen Lawlor. 7:30 AM - Tune in for more brilliant historical perspectives from the KBOO Archives. 8:30 AM - Sea Stories & Songs - Moe Bowstern, publisher of the zine Xtra Tuf, will share stories and songs related to being a commercial fisher. 9:00 AM - Music from the True Vine - with a focus on women's contributions to Bluegrass. Hosts are Flower Elliot and Gretchen Amann. Noon - Women in the Trades - Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. is dedicated to promoting success for women in skilled craft trades through education, leadership and mentorship. Terri Wiley of Oregon Tradeswomen, will be in studio with some of the women who are apprenticing in trades or have become established in once exclusively male domains. They will share stories of victories, struggles and challenges still ahead. Martha Odom hosts. 1:00 PM – Women’s Work/Women’s Lives - The labor focus continues during this program, as host Ivonne Rivero explores the evolution of feminist theory and how it has fueled perceptions of women as workers in industrialized and non-industrialized countries. 1:30 PM - IPRC Listening Party - Listen to some of the women who are represented on The Second Independent Publishing Resource Center Audio Zine. Features selections from Kerbloom, Glossolalia, Confessions of an Urban Hillbilly, and Miranda Zine. 2:00 PM - Empowerment of Women in Publishing - Toni Tabora-Roberts will speak with Diane Minshall-Anderson, Executive Editor of Curve Magazine and Debbie Rasmussen, Publisher of Bitch Magazine. 2:30 PM - More Archival offerings. 3:30 PM - Join host Cicely Rogers as she explores the constitution of militarized environments--both martial and civilian--as zones of enacted hypermasculinity facilitates and obscures the degradation and subjugation of women's human rights and subjectivity. 4:00 PM - Tune in to enjoy music from around the world created by lesbians and an update on lesbian rights, or lack thereof, in different countries, with host Carla Remey. 5:00 PM - Honna Veerkamp hosts a show on Drag Kings, tune in and listen to U.S. and Canadian performers talk about identity, drag and their lives. 5:30 PM - Women in Pan-Africanism, with your host jamilah bourdon. 6:00 PM - Head Coverings - Listen to women of different faiths reflect about the head coverings they wear. What does wearing a covering mean to them means to them, what do women like and not like in their daily experience of wearing them. Hosted by Linda Olson-Osterlund. 6:30 PM - Sarah Baartman, her exploitation and display. Hosts jamilah bourdon and Jahleah Selassie Aird remember this South African woman who was captured and displayed as a sideshow attraction in 19th century Europe. 7:00 PM - Women Making Music, Here and Abroad. Join Ashley & Leigh Anne of the Bread & Roses collective for some great music. 8:30 PM - Celebrate and Dance! Party Music hosted by Gloria Keeth. 10:00 PM - A very special Soundbox with your host Deena Barnwell, who will feature her favorite ladies and include live acts, too! Midnight - The day wraps up with a special offering of Nekropolis, with host Rabia Yeaman. KBOO is an independent, volunteer-driven, listener-supported, community radio station. From its first broadcast in 1968, KBOO has provided programming, training and access for underserved communities. Over 5000 members and 500 volunteers power the station. For more information, please contact KBOO PR & Outreach Coordinator Toni Tabora-Roberts at (503) 231-8032 ext. 206.

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