Whale Songs for Winter

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A humpback whale breaches in Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, USA
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Friday, December 28, 2018 - 10:28am
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Threshold Shift has Three Hours of Whale Song and Interviews

UPDATE: The full show track is up on the episode page (with a little tagged from the previous show...scroll ahead a couple minutes) as well as the transcription of the narration and interview for those that would like it. I'm working on the finishing touches of the full conversation between myself and Dr. Fournet which will come up later in the weekend for those that want the full experience of having a free-form, tea-fueled, 7:00 AM conversation with a scientist.

Hello everyone, it's been a minute but tonight from 12 AM-3 AM PDT, Threshold Shift will be premiering three hours of whale song and interviews with marine biologist and OSU alumni, Dr. Michelle Fournet of Cornell University's Bioacoustics Laboratory. I was able to have a two-hour conversation with Dr. Fournet last week and will feature short excerpts on whale behavior, song development and marine policies that work and some that don't work. Her focus is on female humpback whales in Southeast Alaska. The full conversation between Dr. Fournet and myself will be available on the program page this weekend.

The main portion of the show features long-play soundscapes from Frank Watlington (US Navy, '64), Roger and Katy Payne (Cornell University, 1970s-80s), Chris Clark (Cornell University, 1980), University of Hawai'i Manoa's HUGO Project (Daniel O'Connor, 1997) and some of Michelle's recent work (Cornell University, 2015). This means we are, in the course of three hours, spanning almost 55 years of whale research in our global oceans stretching from Bermuda to the Arctic, Alaska to Hawai'i. I hope you'll join us! Nimoy ahoy!