Volunteer Spotlight on Wayne Johnson


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Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - 6:00pm
Volunteers put in an amazing amount of work at KBOO to create the radio you love. This month, get to know a little more about Wayne.


Wayne came to KBOO with his wife Kathy about eight years ago to help bring great music to the airwaves.

1. Please introduce yourself to the KBOO Community-- who are you, and what are you passionate about?

I am currently retired from the Sheet Metal Workers Local 16. I have been a programmer with the Swing ’n’ Country collective for the      past eight years. My top two passions currently are music and gardening. I enjoy listening to and trying to play music and I am attempting to grow as much edible fruit as will fit in my front and back yards.

2. What's your favorite thing to do on a day with no commitments?  

On days to myself I enjoy listening to or playing music, working in the garden and maybe going out to eat with family or friends.

3. What brought you to KBOO?  

Music programming.

4. What have you done at KBOO?

My wife Kathy and I have hosted the third Saturday of Swing ’n’ Country for the past eight years. I sub for folk DJ’s when needed, work on sound engineering of live music at KBOO,  supervise phone shifts during membership drives and I created and coordinated “Once In A Boo Moon” which was a live music fundraising event for KBOO in 2013.

5. What have you learned?  

How to be a programmer, sound engineering and that it takes a lot of work to raise money for a non-profit organization. 

6. Are there other things you'd like to do at KBOO in the future?  

Maybe help coordinate another live music event for KBOO.

7. What's your favorite moment at KBOO? Any highlights?

Seeing an event I helped plan be successful was exciting; as well as seeing some higher profile artists play music in the KBOO Studios. 

8. How does KBOO help your family/community/etc/?

KBOO has given us an outlet to express our passions. Also, we have connected with a lot of great people.

9. Why is KBOO important? 

KBOO affords people the opportunity to create a format to express what they’re passionate about and to meet others who share their passions.

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