NEW in KBOO music library October 16, 2017


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Monday, October 16, 2017 - 9:15pm
New in KBOO music library October 16, 2017
Acid Tongue Babies Freakout Alt Rock
Bartell, Jaye In A Time Of Trouble A Wild Exultation Sinderlyn Alt Rock
Bully Losing Sub Pop Alt Rock
Canon Blue Lasso Yo Temporary Residence Alt Rock
Forty Ninteens, The Good Fortune Rock Ranch Alt Rock
Gallagher, Liam As You Were Warner Alt Rock
Joyner, Simon Step Into The Earthquake Shrimper Alt Rock
Kan Wakan Phantasmagoria Murmur Alt Rock
Kitten Forever 7 Hearts Atlas Chair Alt Rock
Lahey, Alex I Love You Like A Brother Dead Oceans Alt Rock
Ostrar, Adam Brawls In The Briar Super Secret Alt Rock
Roz And The Rice Cakes (Raskin, Roz) Devotion Team Love Alt Rock
Smith, Kaitlyn Aurelia The Kid Western Vinyl Alt Rock
Sound Of Ceres The Twin Joyful Noise Alt Rock
Strange Ranger (Sioux Falls) Daymoon Tiny Engines Alt Rock
Yumi Zouma Willowbank Cascine Alt Rock
Goddess Lakshmi, The Live At The Harlem Flophouse Harlem Flophouse Regular Rock
Harrison, Dhani In///Parallel HOT Regular Rock
Henry, Joe Thrum EAR Regular Rock
Plant, Robert & Sensational Space Shifters, The Carry Fire Nonesuch Regular Rock
Resolectrics, The High Water Self Released Regular Rock
Allen, Rex Garage Songs X: This Is The Last Cowboy Song BPR Country & Western
Andersons, The A Family Affair Showboat Country & Western
Bergstrom, John Daybreak Moon Self Released Country & Western
Dawson, Devon Keepin’ Your Head Above The Water MD Bucket Head Country & Western
Fisher, Juni Tumbleweed Letters Red Geetar Country & Western
Harris, Kristyn Let Me Ride Ridin' Velvet Country & Western
Knight, Susie Fillin’ Tanks Self Released Country & Western
Lundervold, Tony From The Ranch To The Rodeo Self Released Country & Western
O’Brien, Rich & Dawson, Devon & Harris, Kristyn Badger & The Belles Self Released Country & Western
Patershuk, Matt Same As I Ever Have Been: Songs For Regretful Brutes And Sentimental Drunkards Black Hen Country & Western
Ward, Barry Welcome Home Flying W Country & Western
Woodson, Joyce Living The Western Dream Radish Country & Western
Delaney, Montgomery Walking In The Light Nightstick Folk
Kammer, Barbara Jo One Song At A Time Self Released Folk
Levine, Mara & Gathering Time By My Silence / Too Far To Turn Back Now Self Released Folk
Martin, Jeffrey One Go Around Fluff & Gravy Folk
Nachmanoff, Dave Spinoza's Dream Troubador Folk
Railsplitters, The Jump In Self Released Folk
Ruckus Beyond the Pale Borealis Folk
Williams, Brooks My Turn Now Red Guitar Blue Music Folk
Young & Rusty (Young, Susan & Nelson, Rusty) Come Back Coming On MotherLotus Folk
Hanks, Larry & Marker, Mike The Truth For Certain Dandelion Traditional Folk
Hanks, Larry Tying A Knot In The Devil’s Tail Long Sleeve Traditional Folk
Hanks, Larry & Robins, Deborah Old Days Zippety Whippet Traditional Folk
Hanks, Larry & Robins, Deborah The Wheel Of Time Zippety Whippet Traditional Folk
Hanks, Larry & Robins, Deborah No Hiding Place Zippety Whippet Traditional Folk
Robins, Deborah Lone Journey Zippety Whippet Traditional Folk
Kelela (Mizanekristos, Kelela) Take Me Apart Warp Soul
Barber, David & Radio Phoenix Painted On The Wall Self Released Hip Hop
Ugly Tarantino You Magnificent Bastard Black Boy Awesome Hip Hop
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