Foundations for long-term digital preservation

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 1:30pm

If you haven't heard, KBOO has a nice collection of audio. It's comprised of about 4,000 historic KBOO programs dating from the late 1960s. During my residency I will develop and produce a digital preservation strategy for KBOO with feedback from staff based on a commitment to manage the work long-term.

KBOO wants to be in control of its own history and for digital audio to last for the remainder of the time that KBOO Community Radio exists AND beyond that time. Archives think long-term, and digital preservation requires long-term support from the organization, finances, and technology. Some parts of the strategy include suggestions for improvements, some are easy to implement, and some require financial resources. Thanks to a grant from the Spirit Mountain Foundation, we have spent valuable dollars on...



It really is incredible news. It's such a relief to know that KBOO doesn't have to scrimp on what I consider to be a foundational element of digital preservation. In analogous terms, storage is digital file housing, like the roof over our heads. Storage should be set-up to meet the needs of long-term digital preservation goals, be maintained, and be secure.

KBOO will have preservation audio files on the new network server as it's primary storage. A second copy of files will be put on an external hard drive. Ideally there is a third copy, and I'll be looking into the feasibility of incorporating this now or in the future.

Above: our new network server, 4TB to start, expandable to 12TB. At right: a 4TB external hard drive.