KBOO at Pickathon 2015


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KBOO at Pickathon 2015
KBOO Community Radio was at Pickathon this year - like we have been for so many years before, since its beginning - and we were able to broadcast 3 hours of special live sessions from a variety of festival participants. We were incredibly honored to have Sam Amidon and The Brothers Comatose join us on a beautiful morning on the Treeline Stage.

Folk singer-songwriter Sam Amidon started out the set, graciously awaiting our link to connect and plying his son with breakfast snacks. He shared some touchingly translated standards as well as tracks from his latest release, 2014's "Lily-O."

In the spirit of participatory community radio, our next set was played by "The Never Played Before-eds," a new group who managed to be cajoled away from the comforts of their camp to the stage. You might not have ever known this was their first time together, since they sounded great.

Then The Brothers Comatose joined in. If you're familiar with them, you would certainly know how tongue-in-cheek their name is meant to be. In fact, their session drew a crowd of folks, and culminated in a symphony of toe-tappin' on stage and off. Don't believe me? Listen to the incredible track below!

We made sure to take some fuzzy video for you too, so enjoy! https://youtu.be/CEx2tFmw6cA