The BOO sent me to the Untied States Social Justice Forum, and I got an amazing tee shirt!


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KBOO covers the United States Social Justice Forum in San Jose, June 2015
Listeners, members and future listeners and members, 

Thank you KBOO board members for having the foresight to send someone (lucky me) to the USSJFSJ. 
From the moment I stepped into Adam (Oregon Jericho)'s car until three days later when I said goodbye to Michael (Strike Debt)'s house, he so generously gave to the four of us, every single person I met was true to the bone. In general, people Go to give lip service (and money) to the plight of our world. People empathize with, but rarely comiserate with, the less fortunate. Mostly we, as a society blame someone when things aren't right. We get "housing task forces" and "blue ribbon commissions" from our elected officals well after they opened the doors to exacerbate these problems. Yes, lip service, lipstick on the pig so now we can all sleep at night because we know the rules. The homeless, POC, the formerly incarcerated and the impovershed get the blame in the end when those programs fail. I left the forum with not the feeling, but the knowledge that "protected class" should mean our most vulnerable. If as a soiciety we can manage that then we are on the right road. Again, thank you board members and staff for honoring me with this task. Over the next few weeks I will be updating this blog with analysis and information about what I experienced there with archives of the audio and produced reports. 

Viva KBOO,
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