5th Monday Labor Radio Election Special! 3rd Party Alternatives!

Alternatives to the corporate clowns!


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by NWFilm.org sponsored by KBOO and The Portland Alliance
On October 29, 2012, Fifth Monday Labor Radio on KBOO
will have an hour long show, from 6-7pm
, "Third Party Choices in 2012,"  to provide listeners with exposure, a forum, and discussion with advocates for Third Party Alternatives.

We have a prerecorded segment by Jerry White, the Socialist Equality Party Presidential Candidate.
Michael Meo, (at left) will tell us about Jill Stein (at right) and how she, as a Presidential candidate for the Pacific Green Party, addresses issues for everyday people. 
Rocky Anderson (left) is running for president:   Bob Wolfe will speak about him and the Justice Party. The show will include Dan Meek (Independent), Seth Woolley (at right) (Pacific Green),
Bob Wolfe
(Progressive),  and Steve Hughes
(at left)  (Working Families Party)
  will be in the studio. 

Call in on Monday to join the conversation! 
October 29, during the show between 6 and 7pm.

KBOO's number
for call-in programs is
503 231 8187.

           Tim,                Lane,                        &       Mike                                                                                                                                                   
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