Uploading errors and slow connection speeds

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Uploading errors and slow connection speeds

There have been recent reports of error messages when uploading audio and audio cutting off early during playback.  Some of these errors may be due to your own hardware or internet service perovider.  We are currently looking on our end to see if there are any malfunctions we can fix to improve performance.


I have LOTS of problems uploading audio greater than 20 megabytes, even from KBOO computers *inside* the KBOO Local Area Network.

If I upload after 8:00 pm or before 5:30 am, I can upload 35-40 meg files, no problem, both from my iMac at home and from the KBOO computers.

We've recently upgraded our service with dreamhost to allow more dedicated processor speed to our site, this should improve the performance issues we've had in the past and we'll be tweaking it over time.